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RNA (normal, total and poly A) FAQs

2. Q: Which strain of mouse is the source for mouse RNAs?
A: All mouse RNA are isolated from Balb/c mice, age 6-8 weeks.  OriGenes Mouse Northern blots are also prepared from such mice.
3. Q: Which strain of rat is the source for the rat RNAs?
A: All rat RNA are isolated from Sprague Dawley rats, age 6-8 weeks.
4. Q: How are the total RNAs isolated?
A: Total RNAs are isolated from snap-frozen tissues by the traditional extraction with guanidine thiocyanate/phenol method.
5. Q: How are mRNAs isolated?
A: All mRNAs are isolated from total RNA by oligo-dT affinity method. Each batch of mRNA are twice-purified then quality controlled by denaturing agarose gel and Northern hybridization.
6. Q: Are the RNAs subjected to DNase treatment?
A: No. No DNase digestions are done. For users of total RNA, you may want to treat the RNA with DNase to ensure the removal of trace amount of genomic DNA. For users of polyA+ RNA, there should be no worry for genomic RNA contamination. Double purification with oligo-dT affinity method makes the mRNA virtually DNA-free.
7. Q: I need some RNA from an odd tissue and it is not listed in your catalogue. Can you supply such RNA?
A: Feel free to contact our customer service (888) 267-4436. We may be able to supply the RNA of your need as a special service.


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