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Along with the DupLEX-A Yeast Two-Hybrid System kit, OriGene offers an extensive list of expression cDNA libraries that are the pivotal component of OriGene's DupLEX-A Yeast Two-Hybrid System kit. For each library, oligo(dT)-primered cDNA was synthesized from high quality mRNAs and cloned unidirectionally between EcoRI and XhoI site of pJG4-5, the activation domain expression vector used in the DupLEX-A system. After plating the primary bacterial transformants, the cells were scraped from the plates, pooled, an aliquot was removed and frozen away and the plasmid was purified from the rest. Thus the researchers need not perform the laborious task of library DNA isolation. Moreover, the provided library DNA has never been amplified.

In addition to the DupLEX-A System kit, we make the libraries available to support the customers who wish to expand their research based upon this methodology.

While designed to complement the yeast two-hybrid system, these libraries can be used as standard plasmid libraries for isolation of cDNA clones using conventional nucleic acid-based screening strategies.

Application Guide for DupLEX-A Library          Application Guide for DupLEX-A System        

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