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17962 TrueClone belong to family "druggable genome"


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SC107269NM_031419NFKBIZNFKBIZ (untagged)-Human nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells inhibitor, zeta (NFKBIZ), transcript variant 10
SC107277NM_032017STK40STK40 (untagged)-Human serine/threonine kinase 40 (STK40)0
SC107409NM_182543NSUN6NSUN6 (untagged)-Human NOP2/Sun domain family, member 6 (NSUN6)0
SC107416NM_182573LYPD5LYPD5 (untagged)-Human LY6/PLAUR domain containing 5 (LYPD5), transcript variant B0
SC107439NM_182665RASSF5RASSF5 (untagged)-Human Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family member 5 (RASSF5), transcript variant 34
SC107506NM_012244SLC7A8SLC7A8 (untagged)-ORIGENE UNIQUE VARIANT 1 of Human solute carrier family 7 (amino acid transporter, L-type), member 8 (SLC7A8),0
SC107526NM_021649TICAM2TICAM2 (untagged)-Human toll-like receptor adaptor molecule 2 (TICAM2)0
SC107542NM_182691SRPK2SRPK2 (untagged)-Human SRSF protein kinase 2 (SRPK2), transcript variant 20
SC107563NM_182743TXNRD1TXNRD1 (untagged)-Human thioredoxin reductase 1 (TXNRD1), transcript variant 4 (10ug), (Note: selenocysteine protein, Internal stop codon present. see reference data summary below)0
SC107579NM_016146TRAPPC4TRAPPC4 (untagged)-Human trafficking protein particle complex 4 (TRAPPC4)0
SC107651NM_182811PLCG1PLCG1 (untagged)-Human phospholipase C, gamma 1 (PLCG1), transcript variant 20
SC107656BC039243FGFR2FGFR2 (untagged)-Homo sapiens, Similar to fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (bacteria-expressed kinase, keratinocyte growth factor receptor, craniofacial dysostosis 1, Crouzon syndrome, Pfeiffer syndrome, Jackson-We0
SC107701NM_194280TMEM219TMEM219 (untagged)-Human transmembrane protein 219 (TMEM219), transcript variant 20
SC107714NM_197974BTN3A3BTN3A3 (untagged)-Human butyrophilin, subfamily 3, member A3 (BTN3A3), transcript variant 20
SC107769NM_198252GSNGSN (untagged)-Human gelsolin (GSN), transcript variant 20
SC107779NM_000112SLC26A2SLC26A2 (untagged)-Human solute carrier family 26 (sulfate transporter), member 2 (SLC26A2)0
SC107853NM_015959TMX2TMX2 (untagged)-Human thioredoxin-related transmembrane protein 2 (TMX2), transcript variant 10
SC107856NM_198334GANABGANAB (untagged)-Human glucosidase, alpha, neutral AB (GANAB), transcript variant 20
SC107906NM_001262CDKN2CCDKN2C (untagged)-Human cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2C (p18, inhibits CDK4) (CDKN2C), transcript variant 10
SC107908NM_002829PTPN3PTPN3 (untagged)-Human protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 3 (PTPN3), transcript variant 10


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