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Description of the mutations of RAF1 (NM_002880) Mutants

Keys for Mutation Description

A.A. substitution
NT deletion
NT insertion
R280G: Arg at aa-position 280 mutated to Gly
R342X: R at aa-position 342 mutated to a stop codon and caused truncation of the protein
N268_D2: The deletion starts at nt#268. Two bases (including nt268) are deleted
N478-I6: The insertion starts after nt#478. Six bases are inserted


SKUMutation DescriptionAffected Codon#Affected NT#DescriptionEffect
RC402659 R256S256768G>TNoonan syndrome
RC402660 S257L257770C>TNoonan syndrome
RC402661 S259F259776C>TNoonan syndrome
RC402662 S259T259775T>ANoonan syndrome
RC402663 T260R260779C>GNoonan syndrome
RC402664 T260I260779C>TCardiomyopathy, hypertrophic
RC402665 P261L261782C>TNoonan syndrome
RC402666 P261A261781C>GNoonan syndrome
RC402667 P261S261781C>TNoonan syndrome
RC402668 v263A263788T>CNoonan syndrome
RC402669 S427G4271279A>GAcute myeloid leukaemia
RC402670 I448v4481342A>GAcute myeloid leukaemia
RC402671 D486G4861457A>GNoonan syndrome
RC402672 D486N4861456G>ANoonan syndrome
RC402673 T491R4911472C>GNoonan syndrome
RC402674 T491I4911472C>TNoonan syndrome
RC402675 S612T6121834T>ANoonan syndrome
RC402676 L613v6131837C>GNoonan syndrome


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