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Gene Expression Introduction

qPCR Primer Pair
pre-designed and validated
Covering Human/Mouse genome
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qPCR is the gold standard for gene expression analysis. It is a critical part of OriGene’s “gene-centric” product strategy. We provide unique reagents and tools for real-time qPCR, cancer tissue qPCR arrays for biomarker discovery and validation.

Cancer Tissue cDNA Arrays for qPCR
Use TissueScan™ to profile gene expression across thousands of tissues in only 2 hours
qPCR Primer Panels
Predesigned and validated Covering human and mouse genomes.
1st strand cDNA - Normal Tissues
Broad tissue selections (H/M)
Quality template for PCR rxn
qPCR Copy Number Standards
Plasmid DNA of exact quantity
As control for transcript copy number
Tissue RNA/DNA/Sections
Search BioBank for
Diseased and Normal Samples
qPCR Master Mix
Superior sensitivity with StarTaq
Validated for most instruments
Profile gene expression via PCR
1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
Pre-mixed format simplifies sample assembly
Near 100% cDNA conversion


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