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Fluorescent Protein Antibodies

The most comprehensive collection of antibodies against fluorescent proteins


Cyan (4)
Green (11)
Yellow (5)
Orange (2)
Red (11)
Far Red (4)
Photo-Switchable (3)

Cross-reactivity of Fluorescent-Protein Antibodies

SKU Immunogen Reactivity Tested
TA150024 tGFP tGFP
TA150027 tYFP tYFP
TA150028 tYFP tYFP
TA150052 eGFP eGFP
TA150061 tGFP tRFP
TA180002 ZsGreen1 ZsGreen1 
TA180004 ZsYellow1 ZsYellow1
TA180005 DsRed2 DsRed2 
TA180007 Timer Timer
TA180009 tdTomato tdTomato 
TA180011 PS-CFP2 AcGFP1, PS-CFP2
TA180014 DsRed-Express2 DsRed-Express2 
TA180028 mCherry mCherry 
TA180029 mRaspberry mRaspberry, AmCyan1
TA180031 mBanana mBanana 
TA180039 mStrawberry mStrawberry 
TA180047 eRFP eRFP
TA180053 mOrange mOrange, mOrange2
TA180069 eCFP eCFP
TA180072 mPlum mPlum 
TA180076 mGFP mGFP, mCFP, mYFP, KillerRed
TA180083 DsRed-Monomer DsRed-Monomer 
TA180085 E2-Crimson E2-Crimson 
TA180091 mKate mKate
TA180092 mBFP mBFP
TA180093 mRFP mRFP
TA180094 Dendra2 Dendra2
TA180099 AsRed2 AsRed2
TA150074 eGFP eGFP, mGFP, mYFP
TA150075 turboGFP tGFP
TA150076 mKate mKate, mRFP, mBFP
TA150077 mPlum mPlum, mBanana, mCherry, mOrange, mStrawberry
TA150070 eGFP eGFP, mGFP, mYFP
TA150071 turboGFP tGFP
TA150072 mKate mKate, mRFP, mBFP
TA150073 mPlum mPlum, mBanana, mCherry, mOrange, mStrawberry, tdTomato
TA150122 mGFP mGFP, eGFP, mYFP
TA150125 mCherry mCherry, mBanana, mOrange, mPlum, mStrawberry, tdTomato
TA150128 tdTomato tdTomato, mBanana, mCherry, mOrange, mPlum, mStrawberry
TA150123 mGFP mGFP, eGFP, mYFP
TA150126 mCherry mCherry, mBanana, mOrange, mStrawberry, mPlum, tdTomato
TA150129 tdTomato tdTomato, mBanana, mCherry, mOrange, mPlum, mStrawberry
TA150124 mGFP mGFP, eGFP, mYFP
TA150127 mCherry mCherry, mBanana, mOrange, mPlum, mStrawberry
TA180148 tdTomato tdTomato 
TA180016 E2-Crimson E2-Crimson 
TA150121-1 NULL Myc tag
TA180128-1 NULL HA tag

Fluorescent Protein Reference

Anti-FP Reference
*Estimated; brightness may vary in different experimental systems


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