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OriGene products have been used extensively by scientists worldwide to improve their research efficiency. For your reference, we have collected a representation of citations for selected OriGene products and posted them at this site.

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Here are some of the recent papers making use of OriGene products by fellow researchers.

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Target Research Paper Journal Product SKU
CDNA LIBRARY SLIT2/ROBO2 signaling pathway inhibits nonmuscle myosin IIA activity and destabilizes kidney podocyte adhesion JCI Insight 2016 cDNA Library /

CDNA LIBRARY RAB-10-GTPase–mediated regulation of endosomal phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate PNAS, Aug 2012; 109: E2306 - E2315. cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Drosophila Mon2 couples Oskar-induced endocytosis with actin remodeling for cortical anchorage of the germ plasm Development, Jun 2011; 138: 2523 - 2532 cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY EHBP-1 Functions with RAB-10 during Endocytic Recycling in Caenorhabditis elegans Mol. Biol. Cell, Aug 2010; 21: 2930 - 2943 cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Protein phosphatase 1{alpha} associates with protein tyrosine phosphatase-PEST inducing dephosphorylation of phospho-serine 39 J. Biochem., Apr 2010; 147: 493 - 500 cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY AMPH-1/Amphiphysin/Bin1 functions with RME-1/Ehd1 in endocytic recycling Nature Cell Biology 11, 1399-1410 (15 November 2009) cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY The HECT-Type E3 Ubiquitin Ligase AIP2 Inhibits Activation-Induced T-Cell Death by Catalyzing EGR2 Ubiquitination Mol. Cell. Biol., Oct 2009; 29: 5348 - 5356 cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Translational control by RGS2 J. Cell Biol., Sep 2009; 186: 755 - 765 cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY The bacterial virulence factor InlC perturbs apical cell junctions and promotes cell-to-cell spread of Listeria Nature Cell Biology 11, 1212-1218 (20 September 2009) doi:10.1038/ncb1964 Letter cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Regulation of endosomal clathrin and retromer-mediated endosome to Golgi retrograde transport by the J-domain protein RME-8 The EMBO Journal (17 September 2009) doi:10.1038/emboj.2009.272 Article cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY A longevity protein, Lag2, interacts with SCF complex and regulates SCF function The EMBO Journal (17 September 2009) doi:10.1038/emboj.2009.268 Article cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Identification of a Novel Pathway That Selectively Modulates Apoptosis of Breast Cancer Cells Cancer Res., Feb 2009; 69: 1375 - 1382. cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Differential requirements for clathrin in receptor-mediated endocytosis and maintenance of synaptic vesicle pools PNAS, Jan 2009; 106: 1139 - 1144. cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY FBP17 mediates a common molecular step in the formation of podosomes and phagocytic cups in macrophages J. Biol. Chem., Jan 2009; 10.1074/jbc.M805638200. cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY The Transcriptional Activator Pti4 Is Required for the Recruitment of a Repressosome Nucleated by Repressor SEBF at the Potato PR-10a Gene PLANT CELL, Nov 2008; 20: 3136 - 3147. cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Control of plant germline proliferation by SCF: FBL17: degradation of cell cycle inhibitors Nature 455, 1134 - 1137 (23 Oct 2008), doi: 10.1038/nature07289 cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY A refined two-hybrid system reveals that SCFCdc4-dependent degradation of Swi5 contributes to the regulatory mechanism of S-phase entry PNAS, Sep 2008; 10.1073/pnas.0806253105. cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY http://www.aacr.org AACR Meeting Abstracts, Apr 2008; 2008: 849 cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Regulation of endocytic recycling by C. elegans Rab35 and its regulator RME-4, a coated-pit protein The EMBO Journal 27, 1183 - 1196 (23 Apr 2008) cDNA Library

CDNA LIBRARY Recombinant cathepsin S propeptide attenuates cell invasion by inhibition of cathepsin L–like proteases in tumor microenvironment Mol. Cancer Ther., Mar 2008; 7: 538 - 547 cDNA Library


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