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GE100029 pLenti-Cas9-IRES-Puro pLenti-Cas9-IRES-Puro, Cas9 in lenti vector with bicistronic IRES-Puro (10 ug) $360 In Stock Add to Shopping Cart

Cas9 only vector with puro selection in lenti backbone

  • 3rd generation Lenti vector, ideal for hard-to-transfect cells
  • Cas9 under CMV promoter for mammalian expression after transfection or transduction
  • IRES-Puro is within the Lentiviral packaging cassette and would allow Puromycin selection in both the transfected and the transduced cells.
  • Lenti particles can be produced using high efficiency lenti packaging kits
  • Download vector sequence


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