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OriGene prides itself on being the cDNA clone partner of choice for the biomedical research community.  Pioneering the development of patented processes for the isolation of full-length cDNA and rapid expression profiling techniques, OriGene has commercialized an extensive gene bank of authentic full-length CDNA clones in a standard expression vector.  In combination with related gene expression reagents, our offerings enable high-throughput functional analysis and the determination of disease specificity.  OriGene is committed to its mission of isolating a complete collection of authentic human full-length cDNAs and to develop technologies and applications focusing on System Biology approaches to gene function analysis.  We actively solicit suggestions from the biomedical research community for new clones to be added to our collection.

OriGene Awarded NHGRI Grant to Validate shRNA Vector Set for Protein Kinases.

OriGene Awarded SBIR Grant to Clone 400 Long Genes

Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (March 9 2004)
GNF has acquired the OriGene TrueClone Collection and integrated its large number of otherwise inaccessible transcripts to enhance the coverage and usefulness of our GFAcT system of high throughput biology discovery, commented John Hogenesch, PhD Program Head of Genomics at GNF.


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